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Ms. Sunshine 09-20-2006 06:46 AM

Den choi nha ban....dan ong con trai (single)
Hello may sis. Giup y kien cho sunshine chuyen nay voi.
I and him are just friends and i don't see in him anything more than that. I like to listen and he likes to talk and he's flexible with his job, he can just take me to go anywhere whenever i want except when he's in meetings. He took me to lunch one time but then i don't really eat so we no longer go out to lunch but then at other time he takes me to his house instead. I study and other than that i don't really have friends. I do have friends but they are not free when i'm free and so therefore.........i'm considered to be friendless in a sense. Just like today, my friends are going to Chinatown and i can't go because exams are coming and so i have no choice but to go home and start studying. Then when my exams are over their exams come.......back to my guy friend. I like to hang out with him 'cuz he's working guy, he no longer has "exams" to study for. I hang out with him whenever i want instead of when our schedual let us. I now he's a good guy, he won't do anything to me. He takes me to his home where i sit to listen to him talk about love, life, future.....and we are planning to play chess sometimes when i have time........'cuz i love playing chess and nobody would play with me except him. a girl, is that ok to come to a guy's house?? I don't let anyone in my house and here i am coming to their that wrong??? I honestly do not have that kind of feeling for him.........only see him as just a friend who would play chess with me. Dang, i sound so desperate after writting all this..........didn't know i'm that desperate. hahaha...............thanks everyone in advance for your advices........

llpnt 09-26-2006 05:35 PM

khi làm quen với con gái thì bọn con trai có một mục đích tiềm ẩn trong đó là được tiến xa hơn. Vậy có đến nhà người đó cũng nên giữ giới hạn, đừng để anh chàng ôm hôn hay sờ xoạng làm mình bị kích thích và không kiểm soát được người m2nh nữa thì không sao. Tốt hơn đừng đến hà con trai là tốt nhất. Ngay cả bạn trai nếu thấy thương cũng nên tranh đi là hơn. Nơi nào chỉ co trai gái riêng biệt dễ gây ra chuyện làm tình lắm, không tránh được đâu em à.

chitchatfun 09-30-2006 04:26 PM

It is Ok to have that relationship but make sure you are not go above the limit of love if you don’t have feeling for him. In this case, when you go out, you have to pay your part of expensive as meals, do not accept any expensive gift, and ……. I though nothing wrong to have good mail friend. Good luck.

Helen20 10-01-2006 08:01 AM

i think it's ok to have that relationships as long as u tell him straight later on he don't have any misunderstanding!!!

longnguyen 10-08-2006 05:01 AM

nam nu quen nhau , tien gan hay tien xa la tuy theo loi suy nghi cua moi nguoi ! khi 2 nguoi truoc khi om nhau , hon nhau hoac chuyen gi do , 2 nguoi nen te nhi lich su , khong nen lam truoc mat nguoi khac , de tranh nguoi ta danh pham chat con nguoi cua 2 nguoi va danh pham chat gia dinh co nho giao hay la khong ma thoi !
:hello: :) :cool:

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