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Old 03-19-2008 , 10:45 PM     vanle est dconnect  search   Quote  
I want to open a cellphone store in Illinois, and I would like to ask any person out there experience in cellphone service business, please help me to open up the store, get connection to the wholesalers, how to unlock phones, and how to run the business, I'll be happy to reward that person well after the business is up and running.

my name is Van, my number is 847 620 9141, email: please contact me if you are experience in cellphone business and want to help me.

Thank you very much.
Van Le
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Old 03-22-2008 , 10:23 AM     Tr0ubLeSome est dconnect  search   Quote  
most ebay seller uses as a drop shipper, but they are also a wholeseller. most wholeseller you have to register and pay monthly fees to buy thier products. or both these website has lots of imported phones you can buy and sell.
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Old 03-22-2008 , 10:27 AM     thuy_101 est dconnect  search   Quote  
when will this person see this $2,000 reward?
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Old 03-23-2008 , 12:33 AM     onephattai est dconnect  search   Quote  
Quote :
Originally Posted by thuy_101
when will this person see this $2,000 reward?
when his business spins off and profit 2k, duh!
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Old 03-23-2008 , 05:36 PM     porto35 est dconnect  search   Quote  
Contact AT&T, Tmobile, Verizon and Metro PCS directly (if they have the service in your area) and request to be an authorized dealer/agent first. They will send you the package with application to fill out. Must be approved with them first, everything else will come later. After approval, PM me I will help you with some information to open your own cellphone store (I do not need $$$$ from you anyway). Unlock phone is another story and you need some equipment and some knowledge about electronic/computer and some tech skills or you can pay someone to do it with wholesale price.
Research, research....
Good luck
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Old 03-24-2008 , 04:48 PM     Cle1214 est dconnect  search   Quote  

Doba claimed:
"( is one of the fastest growing drop ship companies on the internet. It promises ease of use, wholesale pricing, and the simplification of the drop ship process by providing everything in one place."

Quoted: "I have just started a week ago to do research to become active at ebay and start earning some feedback and signed for the 7 day trial. It is a scam. I had so far a 54.95 and 29.90 taken out of my account and until a few minutes ago, I have been in the phone trying to get my money back. I have read many this week about eBay and you all have work very hard to come across a scam that will hinder your hard earned reputation. Which I hope to start building soon.

I also hope that eBay Corporate can readthis and stop using them. This website is for the people and apparently many are not happy with this company backed by eBay

Thanks and BE AWARE!":

Dropship Directory Reviews:

"Drop shipping is the process of selling wholesale goods to consumers while the supplier ships directly to your customer. It's profitable, it's an easy concept, and it's a heck of a lot of fun. If you're unfamiliar with how the process works, see Dropship Tips.

Most eBay "Power Sellers" achieve this status by drop shipping. If drop shipping is a business model that you're ready to pursue, below are my reviews of some of the most popular drop ship companies.

Recommended Companies:

1. #1 Worldwide Brands

#2 Salehoo

#3 Doba

Companies to Avoid:

Simplx: negative review from the Better Business Bureau

Dave's Cool Little Website":\

Check with BBB:

Customer Experience

There are a larger number of cellphone stores out there, so it is hard to compte if you don't have a very pretty daughter at your store to be a saleclerk or a large money to buy the cheaper wholesale price to make profit from the poker game!

Try to sale the new products with exclusive right to produce them at your price and a few advantages for more profit. I have CD of new softwares and office supplies to be sold online, so I will research along for you and for me. All I need is time, since I have had website, softwares, and patent pendings. I don't need to rent or build a store at the shopping center!


If you can spend a large money to buy the low wholesale price to compete, so the others can do it for your risky business too.


Many of my relatives and friends have more experiences in grocery or nail business while I have none! They usually try then rent first, if it is a good location they will buy to keep the store.


If you like to look at the output sample of my softwares:

(to be continued)

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