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Old 08-31-2006 , 01:30 PM     Solidheart est dconnect  search   Quote  
how can any idiot come here and insult her in such a way... she is a good wife that's y she's here to ask for help... she's just fantasizing not carry to real life yet.. how the heo can anyone insult and criticize a person who realize she have a problem and is here to seek for help.... goshhhhh! read her thread more careful and insult... dude.... to other people, they might think wat she have is everything, but maybe to her it's not... you can't compare one to another.... everyone think his/her issue is the worse... for God sake if you don't have anything to advice or help don't put your worthless writing to criticize her... i feel it's so unfair for her... sorry sis i have no input to ur issue, but just feel it's unfair for u. good luck all the best to you!
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Old 09-06-2006 , 04:29 PM     RiceBaby est dconnect  search   Quote  
Do you work? perhaps you don't work and you have too much free time on your hands ..that's when depression kicks in...
I think you have such feelings becuase your husband disappointed you somehow...remember chuyen nho? o talk over it will become a big issue...often we think it's minor and let it go then we get upset over it ..and start wanting a fantasy life....sis ..consider yourself very just don't get out a relationship thinking you'll ended up in a better one. dden\ ai nha nay sang..ddu*ng' ngoai lam\ sao hieu ddc.
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Old 05-09-2007 , 05:57 PM     EmHanTinhAnh est dconnect  search   Quote  
I think when people have all the materialistic and loves...they tend to begin to imagine weird things. Like you said.....just imagining is fine..but if one day you act on it...then that would be problematic.....You need to stop your imgination...put urself into ur husband has a great husband and two beautiful kids...........many women want to be in ur position but they treasure what u have....
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Old 06-15-2007 , 10:35 PM     kluverbucy est dconnect  search   Quote  
EmHanTinhAnh ỏi,
minh đi ăn nhà hàng Mcdonald và nói lại tình xưa nha? như thế thì hi vọng rằng em không còn hận tình anh nủa.
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Old 06-16-2007 , 02:33 AM     LifeWizzard est dconnect  search   Quote  
It's very normal for both men and women to feel "cool" down after years and years of being married. The sexual chemistry between both of you (released from the brain) is probably gone; that leads to boredom and dullness in your bedroom activity and your daily life. If you read the statistic reports from different sources, long time married couples have sex once every month or even less, once every six months...

No sex = no affection=no connection= growing apart physically and emotionally

So what you are going through is understandable. I think there is nothing wrong with you at all, mentally and morally. But definitely there are problems in your marriage.

For your question about what can help you, I suggest that you alone cannot do much in this situation. Please make an appointment for you and your husband both to see a good marriage couselor as soon as you can. If you have health insurance, this service will be paid for at least 50%. If not, your money is well spent (about $150.00/hour more or less ) to improve your relationship but most importantly, for your life and your children's lives!

Best wishes,

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Old 06-18-2007 , 01:39 PM     embuon714 est dconnect  search   Quote  
Lets trade my ex-husband to yours husband. My ex was totally opposite from yours. Dung nui nay trong nui no. You need to be satisfied of what you have. There was no other man out there was better than yours husband. I don't think you deserve on what you have. My advise to you is "GO TO DOCTOR TO CHECK ON YOUR BUBBLE HEAD"
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Old 06-27-2007 , 11:45 AM     kluverbucy est dconnect  search   Quote  
embuon714 oi,
what is BUBBLE HEAD vẩy? thiệt khó hiểu quá đi à.:( :(
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Old 06-27-2007 , 08:35 PM     kt10689 est dconnect  search   Quote  
"You're the WEAKEST LINK, GOOD BYE!!!!!"

linda nguyen
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Old 07-30-2007 , 09:35 AM     linda nguyen est dconnect  search   Quote  
I think the best way is for u and your husband to take a romantic vacation together. Maybe that will spark the relationship.
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Old 08-08-2007 , 08:24 AM     botbiendv est dconnect  search   Quote  
hey you know benh cua you la benh Nung; lon ddo; ngua han'''''' ddi mua ku gia~ choi ddi may hay choi ngua cung dduoc
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Old 10-07-2007 , 08:49 PM     YenNhiPA est dconnect  search   Quote  
chuyện này không ai giúp bạn được ngoài chính bản thân bạn ra, có lẻ bạn nên tìm part time job làm đi, ở nhà hoài ai cũng trở nên hư, ở nhà hoài đa số hay nghỉ vớ vẩn.. như mình nè , mình ờ với ox 6 năm rồi nhưng chưa bao giờ nghỉ vớ vẩn,
thứ nhất mình có đi làm, vì ở nhà chịu không nổi..
thử hai, ở càng lâu mình càng thương hơn, vì dù thời gian có trôi đi nhanh nhưng cách đối xử của anh ta vẫn không thay đổi, anh ta vẫn sweet, caring, and romantic...và có lẽ mình không nghỉ vớ vẩn phần lớn anh ấy là người đàn ông duy nhất đời mình, mình không có quá khừ gì đễ nghỉ.. ngoài giờ làm , về dọn dẹp nhà cửa không thời gian nghỉ ngơi thời gian đâu mà suy nghỉ vớ vẩn... đàn bà mà nghỉ vớ vẩn thì nguy lắm đó cho nên nếu bạn không muốn gia đình tan vở bạn nên đi làm và làm trọn bộn phận làm mẹ,. giúp him nhiều đi, dù sao him là đàn ông mà
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Old 10-08-2007 , 08:37 AM     funny_girl est dconnect  search   Quote  
người ta hay nói "lòng tham không đáy ".trời ơi ,bít bao nhiu người phụ nữ chĩ mong kiếm được người bạn đời giống 1 nữa chồng sis thôi là người ta mừng lắm rồi đó chị .CHị nên phụ chồng chi chăm sóc 2 cháu và phụ làm việc nhà đi ,chị se k còn thời gian đễ suy nghĩ lung tung nữa .HIXHIX ,người thì mong k được ,người có thì k biết quí .Chán ghê!
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Old 11-08-2007 , 12:24 PM     Alertall est dconnect  search   Quote  
Quote :
Originally Posted by amynguyen26
HorribleWife, IM me at amynguyen26 (da hu)

I used to have similar "day dreaming" thoughts.

Do you ever afraid showing all the girls picture to public? Just wondering? I really think you're cute!
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Old 11-15-2007 , 04:13 PM     RubyGirl est dconnect  search   Quote  
I think you initially married him for convenience and never really loved him. Be honest with yourself. That really solves a lot of problems.
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Old 04-21-2008 , 08:51 PM     Fhard est dconnect  search   Quote  
b happy with wat u got, in a relationship u will have up n down, if u hang on it will last 4ever...
sun flower
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Old 04-22-2008 , 06:47 PM     sun flower est dconnect  search   Quote  

Am I horrible wife for real..>>>>.dump me find others ...why stick with me huh ????

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Old 04-26-2008 , 03:40 AM     ur2sensitive est dconnect  search   Quote  
A secret slut is hidden inside of you. Soon you will implode. Go get yourself some porn flick and a decent vibrator and call it 'My Buddy'.
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Old 05-14-2008 , 09:22 PM     swtie06 est dconnect  search   Quote  
HW, swtie thinks it might because he spoiled you too much and lacking of romantic. You don't wanna ruin this relationship do you? Don't take him for granted b4 it getting too late! need to STOP thinking about the other guys and focus in your's not easy to build a strong family foundation. Stop that silly thought b4 you hurting yourself and your loved ones...There are plenty of guys out there but very rare who have that charracteristics like your husband, all they want from you is about "X". I hope you know what I meant ...What you can do now is try to help him out on the house chores, warm up relationship with new things(like vacation, picnic, etc...), and share with him about your daily activities...If you have time to involve with community works, that's great! You will have a different look of how lucky you are compare to the unfortunate ones. Good luck on your marriage!
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Old 05-15-2008 , 06:49 PM     all41life est dconnect  search   Quote  
hahahhahahaahahah, yen nhu, good job!!!!!thanks for your kind words here..whats wrong with you Andy NguyenV? Are you so stressed out?
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Old 09-19-2008 , 05:36 PM     xiudon est dconnect  search   Quote  
Quote :
Originally Posted by AHung
I don't know if this will apply to you but if it is me then I would do the following:

1 - Remember the sparks that made you married the man.
2 - Go on a lunch/dinner date with your husband.
3 - Spend a weekend with only you and him.
4 - Bring the spark back!
5 - Complement and be sentual with each other.

Sometimes when we get to involve with work and family life, we end up using up all the energy to be with your life partner.

Good Luck!

Believe me, this way doesn't work babe. It happened with me too. I have been tried with all these solutions, but no affect at all. I think that is woman mid life crisis. When I have this problem, I even want my husband to hang out with girls, so I can have a chance to hang out with other guys too. I don't even want to see my husband often. At this situation, I don't think you like to date with your husband anymore, but I am sure you probably more than happy to date with other guys. Bcuz going out with your husband, you don't have feeling anymore, u have nothing to talk with him, but with new guys, you have so much thing to talk about.
Anyway, at the end my husband gave up on me, bcuz of my careless to him, then he started going out a lot. Afterward, I felt like, I have lost something, and I wanted my husband back. Now I am trying to keep him, but my husband know that, I am now wanting him back, so he stuck-up to me, and that cause the case getting worser, I felt lonely and keep thinking of some guys and dating with other guys, bcuz stay home alone and keep thinking my husband enjoy with other girls, that makes me crazy.

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