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Join Date: Nov 2008
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Old 11-15-2008 , 11:51 AM     MotChieuMua est dconnect  search   Quote  
If I were you, I would sent her to jail ...
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Old 11-19-2008 , 05:54 PM     Trai_Nam est dconnect  search   Quote  
Kick her azz to the curb and report her to the INS so they could deport her lazy azz.
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Old 08-27-2009 , 08:52 AM     TinhTran est dconnect  search   Quote  
The only way you can get your life back is report her to the authority and frault. They will deal with her and hopefully, the court will deal with you money issues.
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Old 12-13-2009 , 06:23 AM     sagwa est dconnect  search   Quote  
i agree with some folks in here... this post is fake. you can't possibly miss all the letters and phone calls.
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Old 01-04-2010 , 06:46 AM     chinesemike est dconnect  search   Quote  
Report her to the local police is the only way to get those debt off your record and repair your credit.

I would report her for immigration fraud too...
Can't believe she is still living in your house.
Tell her husband to pay for it since he's making money from her fake marriage, or you will report them both.
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Old 01-05-2010 , 05:05 PM     duyhoai est dconnect  search   Quote  
It may not a true story, $32K is not a small amount of money. Most of big retails stores, they require ID before processing the transaction. If she doesn't have the ID matching with the credit card name.
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Old 01-20-2010 , 11:53 AM     mrfine00 est dconnect  search   Quote  
I don't think this is a true post since:

1. You can't open five credit cards in less than one year and used them all up without a single phone call or mails?
2. Jewelry store's sale person does not check driver license for those who buy high price item using his/her credit cards?

If this post were real then all you have to do is report her to the police, since you had witnesses and evidences, I think the court and restore your credit back, she is either go to jail or being deported. Not to mention that those who making money by bringing her here will be in trouble too.

Words of advice:

It is absolutely not worth it to make quick bucks by faking married. You'll get into deep trouble if the INS found out.

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Join Date: Jul 2009
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Old 01-20-2010 , 12:18 PM     mrfine00 est dconnect  search   Quote  
I couldn't help by asking, who doing her fake married? Your husband?
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Join Date: Dec 2009
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Old 01-20-2010 , 03:01 PM     meo1con est dconnect  search   Quote  
this story is doesn't make sence.
you live in the same address and you don't check mail often.?
she said I don't care? no, I don't buy this.

she doesn't this felony?

if she aply under your s.s.n, then your name must be on the credit card?
the mail came to your house and you don't know?

you are just kidding
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Join Date: Apr 2004
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Old 10-06-2010 , 06:23 AM     Zyrtec est dconnect  search   Quote  
Hi Mad Wife and all of you who don't believe it. Mad Wife told the truth. I was in the same situation before. I was a victim of identity theft by my Oldest brother. I was in the process finance for a new home. The bank agent agreed to loan me at a good rate if my credit is good as I stated on the report. Once the process got closer to finalized for a loan, the agent called me and told me that I have over load my credit and still own thousands of dollars unpaid. I was traumatized and did not realize where it came from, and asked they agent show me the proof, and they were lined up just like the agent told me over the phone. Then, I knew who to contact when I saw the report. I was horrible, I did not thing I could every paid those bill off for the rest of my life. I then called my oldest brother up and asked him what did he do to my credit, He told me he will paid them off, but I told him what about my loan for the house? I kept silence and said nothing to me. I realized that I have to make a decison quick.
1. I told him he has to paid back with in so mamy months
2. Don't paid late
3. Once he paid off one by one, let me know so I can
close each account.
4. Don't temper with my personal information ever again
5. I will report him to the police if he failed to meet one
of the above options.
6. My Mom was not happy about the whole situation because
If my brother did not meet my demands, he will be in jail for a while, but it all worked out after so many fights between me and him.

Mad Wife and many of you out there. If did happened to many victims out there, you may not accoutner yet, but don't wish and NEVER said NEVER. It was not fun for me when I went thru this mess.

Be happy with what you don't get, because you ain't happy if you are a victim of Identity theft.

Mad Wife, please make a wise choice to resolve your issue and discuss with your husband how to handle the situation before you are out of control, Wise choice is not always a smart thing to do, but know how to handle the situation is greatest thing you can do.

Wish you all the best !

then then

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Old 10-08-2010 , 01:10 AM     LangTuBinh1 est dconnect  search   Quote  
Quote :
Originally Posted by thuongtri
I find this story hard to believe. The story is not impossible, but very hard to believe.

If your credit card bills were being sent to your home, how did you miss all those statements and demand letters? Once the bills are delinquent, credit card companies are calling your home continually. How did you miss those calls? Even if the sister in law gave a bad phone number or her own cell number, those credit card companies can look up your home phone number.

If your story is indeed true, you better go find an attorney. Besides the card credit problem, you likely have a problem with being an accessory to immigration fraud.
Lang with you thuongtri .
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Old 01-20-2011 , 05:06 PM     waostar est dconnect  search   Quote  
this is wowo...this is wrong the way yr husdand little sister did it to u there...there must be a reason she did this to u.. have uask her about it....this islike yr family sister... u have to sit down and talk to her what u did wrong to her and why she did this to u....this is tuff stuff there....if u report her she will be in trouble and u will be tooo with yr own family in vn or here us...32k is alot i mean it but u think about...yr family member or yrself or the money....if u work ucan pay of the loan but if u lose a family member or yr husband u will never find itagain...people do make mistake and they will learn from it time to time and they will understand and know what they did wrong....u have to think hard about it for yrself and make yr decision. what u should do.. money and family what is important u think about it...i dont know this is a good advise but i hope it will help u out alittle...goood luck i know it like a fake marriage but time to time u start to have feeling for the person u live with u know what i mean...and one more thing i dont know this is right or wrong... if u report yr husband younger sister she or yr husband got yr tail/or life in their hands...what that mean i dont know u say it a FAKE MARRIAGE if he or she say something about it everything is over and time to go home and big trouble will be with u and yr husband....if u understand wht i mean...she could say that u and yr husband r the responsible for her to bring her in the us u know what imean by that..she in trouble,u in trouble, and yr husband too...

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Old 11-18-2011 , 05:33 AM     redapple est dconnect  search   Quote  
call the police and report it since she doesn't care ... why should you care for her let the judge talks to her instead
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Old 12-04-2011 , 08:52 PM     ureshanL est dconnect  search   Quote  
Do some legal action about it.
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Old 08-30-2013 , 09:00 PM     DamTc est dconnect  search   Quote  
She'll go "alright, now it's more fun".

Quote :
Originally Posted by MaQuyVoTinh
Tell her if she doesn't pay back the debt, you'll force her to have sex with ......................


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