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Old 07-22-2019 , 12:34 PM     PlumBlossom est dconnect  search   Quote  
Finally #1 on below to find out guys!!!

What is PsyFCangNgoe?

PsyF aka PsychoFuk main target is the central and peripheral nervous system. It will cause all the neurons in his body to go into nirvana within a number of years and if left untreated, will cost him his life.

First thing it’ll do is disconnecting his left cerebral hemisphere from the right causing his thoughts and perceptions to change in a short period of time. The separation of the 2 brain hemispheres will increase ions flow, causing an intense firing of neurons voltage leading to a surge of brain wave. This high voltage will eventually burn all the neuronal circuits and axons which will sever all connections; hence, leading to critical Psychosis where no psychedelic drugs can cure. Yep, it’s 10 times more lethal than the Fuktard serum. 😱

What will be his first signs and symptoms, you may ask?

Due to all the catastrophes in his life tracing back to the insufficient nutrition when he was still in his mother’s womb, to birth then his unfortunate life event like being beaten daily by his tiger parents and his unfortunate incident by crossing path with CrazyKingCrab has dramatically drained his intelligence to nil.

Now with these forceful bites from VuaBoDien’s and his mate, Giokhung intelligence will drop to the minus range that no human kind have had, even before the Homo Sapiens or the first hominids on earth. His IQ is -70 as of now, uniquely making him the 1st dumbest person in the world and standing #1 on the world Guinness record with the lowest IQ in the human race . 😱

Congrats Giokhung, at least you’re number 1 on something now. 👍🏻


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