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when i was 26, I started working for a place that paid very well. I managed to pay my student loan within a year. Then I bought a house, and travelled far and wide. Slowly every year, during bonus time I was surrounded by conversations about materials things. It became increasingly alien to me, and more than anything it was the people that I couldn't see myself being friends with. I think the negative effects would be if you made decisions based on that salary that traps you for life. For me this was about buying several properties, which contrary to popular beliefs are not always sound investments! Those possessions made a huge impact on my future decisions. However, I am somewhat lucky that I didn't start a family, because that would have made me stay there, and resent my job and probably family too.
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Stupid about human is that, they work hard but buy the thing they dónt need.

They always try to think 5th generation ahead but they don 't know that

"Ngưòi tính không bằng trời tính"
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