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Quote :
Originally Posted by PlumBlossom
1 last diagnosis for CrazyCrabClaw aka GioKhung of VietFun.

Another disorder that this mofo Crazywind also have is :

Personality disorders- characterized by an enduring pattern of maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can cause serious detriments to relationships and other life areas.

There’s 1 disorder that quite described him well is......tada... a disorder called:

Avoidant personality disorder- an enduring pattern of behavior related to social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, and sensitivity to rejection that causes problems in work situations and relationships. People with the disorder show a pattern of avoidance due to fear of rejection or disapproval, which they experience as extremely painful.

When he pmed me asking to trade pics, I politely told him I don’t trade pics in private. I’m a married woman and by doing so, to me, is not right. If I don’t think it’s right then I won’t do it. Honestly, I’ve never traded pics with anyone in private before. In the past even before I was married, if I had, it was just with a few girls and that’s all. That was the first time
in my life where a man flipped out like a maniac just because I refused to their pic exchanging request. The one reason I don’t like exchanging pics in private is because I don’t know if that’s them or someone stolen pics on Facebook. The only truth to all is having them post in public. Like I mentioned in the past, I don’t even believe in myself, talking about trusting others.😱

I was shocked when “crazywindCrabClaw of the Universe “was furious!!!!! I didnt know what was going through his puny crazy brain and I tried to ignore everything like it never happened before.

Every single day, he would go on an angry tirade cussing and saying shiet about me and the Chinese people. We’re all human and have a certain level of patience. I lost it and one kind Mod was nice enough to ban that nick which was the end of it.

I never wanted to bring it back but that mofo seems to be on everyone of the new female members’ a ss, insulting one after another. I’m not trying to be a hero but have to show to the world that this crazy monkey is not as nice as everyone think he is. He will try to manipulate the person and if he doesn’t get his way due to a certain rejection, there will be resentment and he’ll never leave that person alone. If CrazyCrabClaw still wants to rock the boat, I might as well capsize it.

Another mental disorder for this GioKhungCrabClaw mofo.😱
Chậc chậc ... Gió Khùng Càng Cua vô nhận hàng nè ... hớ hớ

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