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Old 07-12-2019 , 07:15 PM     CheriBlossom est dconnect  search   Quote  
At the employees bbq, we had the “dunk the manager” game where the person would sit in the dunk tank that’s filled with water. In order to dunk the person, you would have to throw the ball at the target metal piece and if you can throw hard enough at the target, it will release the seat and the person will drop into the water.

With the white ball in my hand, the manager sitting in the dunk tank was cawing like a raven saying that I had puny weak arms and said I could step up closer to throw the ball after the 2nd try where I still missed. Nhin ong ngoi -do’ cuoi and gheo minh hoai, lam minh tu*’c tai choi ko chung’ nen....I just pressed the target metal with my palm and splash, he went into the water. 😱😅🤣cho het gheo. and cuoi. 🤣 He was all wet like a dog and ko biet co’ bi uong nuoc ba(‘t ngo* ko.... but anyways, Sao -do’, I took off trying to hide from his sight hoping that he wouldn’t t remember what I look like.🙊

Hubby got food and as we were eating with a big group of people, he came looking for me. I didn’t think he could remember me since I had sunglasses on but he did.😱

He said he’s met me several times in the hallway and have not done anything for me to dunk him. I don’t remember seeing him. 😱🙊I was speechless cuz I didn’t think he could find me and just smiled away.

Yesterday, I met him in the hallway with some other people and he said, “there’s that mean girl who dunked me”.😱 i looked up and away from my phone cuz I was texting at the time and without thinking said, “ you were looking so hot under the sun and I dunked you cuz I wanted to cool you off”. He chuckled and seemed pleased to hear that I just praised him for being “hot”. It came out wrong like I was flirting with him and now.....i feel really embarrassed cuz that’s not me at all.😭.

Does that sound like a flirt all? 😭

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