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Old 06-03-2010 , 09:41 PM     bexiune est dconnect  search   Quote  
Ban NB oi, Theo Minh ban cho ban gai diu lai roi Dan co ta di choi. Khi dung thoi diem thi hay giai thich co ta hieu them ve cong viec cua. Lam pedicure hay nails in general khong co gi xau. Khong biet cac ban co boa gio nghi den nhung doctors/nurses ho pai deal patients who have infected foot ulcer result from diabetic, autoimmune disease, vascular disease, pressure ulcer. Trust me it's 10x worst than doing pedicure. People who do pedicure, their feet usually in good condition. Nurses sometime has to wipe People butt too. So y society judge nails people but not foot doctors or nurses? That's because of their degree? Because they make differences in people' lives.? Well people who do pedicure also make differences in people lives too. You help people feel confident, more happy and importantly you provide preventive care that not many think of. Pedicure keep your feet n toes clean, pretty, moisturize skin and provide relaxation. The preventive care I'm taking about is relaxation = reduce stress and with foot massage you have to understand that bottom of your foot contains many nerves ending that connect to many organs in the body. Therefore foot massage good for human body espeacially benefits for people with diabetic, peripheral vascular disease, congestive heart failure, kidney problem as it promotes good circulation to the body. Now u know why van son sing a song "nail nail lam nail dau co ngheo" because customers love it and they keep coming back. I have no parent in states = no financial support. I'm really thankful for those who taught and hire me to do nails while I was in college. It helped me pay rent, meal, car insurance, college tuition, helped me to help my family in vietnam,n etc. My owner made my schedule flexible especially when it was time for tests and clinical rotation. There is always good n bad people everywhere.

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Old 06-03-2010 , 11:06 PM     sexy101 est dconnect  search   Quote  
[QUOTE=nailbuon]Thay ba con tren day co y kien rat hay nen toi cung co cau chuyen xin nho giup do. Toi khong phai nguoi dan ong co tai gi nhung nho sieng nang lam viec toi cung co 1 tiem nail nho va nguoi ban gai de thuong, co hoc thuc va rat la hieu chuyen. Nhung giua toi va co ay hien nay co van de la co ay khong chiu cho toi lam pedicure vi co ay noi con trai ma lam chan cho dan ba thi mat mat lam. Toi that tinh cung dau muon lam thuong thi toi de tho lam va chi lam tay ma thoi nhung doi khi khach request ma minh khong lam thi cung so mat khach nen phai danh chieu khach. Moi day ban gai toi ra tiem toi choi thi thay toi dang lam chan cho 1 ba khach co ay gian roi bo ra ve, toi co giai thich the nao co ay cung chi noi la co ay chi chap nhan cho toi lam tay ma thoi khong vi tien ma phai di lam chan, voi co ay dan ong thi khong nen lam chan cho dan ba nhu the rat mat the dien, nhung co ay khong hieu duoc la cong viec thi dau the chon lua duoc. Ban be toi biet chuyen nen bao toi chia tay di nen quen nguoi lam nail ho se hieu va thong cam cho toi hon, nhung that long toi rat yeu co ay vi co ay la 1 co gai dau de tim trong cuoc song hien tai, mot nguoi con gai song vi tinh khong vi vat chat, nhung tiec la co ay van chua hieu het tinh chat cong viec cua toi. Xin cho toi vai y kien?[/QUOTE]

em nghĩ khách ở tiệm nhỏ của anh sẽ đi hết chán như con gián . em nói như vậy vì họ sẽ nghĩ anh có longkỵ thị va vô trách nhiệm làm đẹp chân cho họ .
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Old 06-24-2010 , 07:30 PM     mailam est dconnect  search   Quote  
If you boy friend or husband (MD) dang kham uterus . hpw do you feel

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