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Ngọa Long
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Một số họ phân tích rất trực quan và dẫn chứng đầy đủ, khoa học và kết luận hành vi Thanh Hải VTS là lừa đảo:,51521,100026

Trích một ý kiến:

Quote :

The Supreme Master Ching Hai's masterplan to use organic Veganism as a way into the mainstream, is having some impact.
There are even Vegans who say to "ignore" the Ching Hai propaganda at the Loving Hut, and just buy the food to support Veganism. (some of those might be Ching Hai followers, while others are just not aware of how it works).

That is wrong on so many levels. First off, the Ching Hai media brainwashing is targeted at her vulnerable core audience.
Ching Hai has also created a marketing system to go mainstream. For example, her slogan,

--- Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! ---

that is absolutely brilliant Ching Hai mass media marketing. Because, in this day and age, who is against Going Green and saving the planet? Who is against eating more Veggies?
So this gives Ching Hai a perfect cover to try to go more mainstream. Also, her followers who work in an office or Salon. They can approach anyone with Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! and that is an open door to Ching Hai. They just hand them a brochure or DVD on Ching Hai.
That is about 100x more effective than most sects.

So in fact, Ching Hai has usurped part of the Green movement, to use as a cover, and its brilliant. (meanwhile Ching Hai does the opposite, like trashing the environment while building illegal islands, etc).

But that is only scratching the surface.
Ching Hai is using VERY extreme techniques on people, like using the most extreme, cruel, vicious slaughter-house videos on people when they don't expect it. That is extremely powerful stuff.
So they approach you, with Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! and then very soon after that, you get blindsided with extreme slaughterhouse videos. Those can literally trigger PTSD in many people, and Ching Hai is using it consciously to do that. She wants to trigger PTSD and traumatize people when they are not expecting it.

Now should adults watch slaughterhouse videos? Of course, most of us have seen them in various documentaries. But should these extreme slaughterhouse videos be used to traumatize people as part of a cultic indoctrination system by Ching Hai? Absolutely not.
They are using it to break people's minds down, so their beliefs can be changed. Ching Hai knows its about actively changing and reprogramming people's BELIEFS.

There are groups who train people to kill themselves, and kill others, who use the same basic technique. They attract people to the group in one way, and then surprise flood them with intense media about their "enemies" and show them videos of atrocities done by those enemies, over and over. They get them to watch it everyday, and that can be incredibly powerful, and completely shift how a person views reality. They can then train that person to sacrifice their life for the "cause" and kill their enemies. They use a system to do that, step by step. And guess who taught them those techniques? Experts who have studied those techniques for decades, and use them to turn humans into weapons.

Then now you have Ching Hai, who is literally using many of the same techniques, on very vulnerable people, who don't know Ching Hai is a fraud. They get lured in by promises of saving the world, going Green, and then get blindsided with traumatic horrific slaughter-house videos, as part of the planned Ching Hai indoctrination system.
Using these techniques, they can take a regular person, who is vulnerable, and in a short period of time have them completely devote their life to Ching Hai. Its used as a lever, a trigger, to break down their minds, their beliefs. There are many signs that Ching Hai knows enough to get those people to not just dedicate their entire life to her as she forces them to do in her Ching Hai pledge, but to willingly risk their life for her, and what she tells them to do.
She then can lock them in for years, with the Ching Hai Points system, and other techniques.

So the entire Ching Hai system is actually very dangerous. Its not about eating Tofu, that is the front. Every sect needs a front, a public image.
Ching Hai has several, save the planet, attain enlightenment, etc.
But what is really going on is something totally different.

The most insidious of her techniques, is Ching Hai has carefully planned out using these extreme videos to blindside and traumatize her own sensitive followers, to begin to break down their beliefs, and their minds. And she has instructed them to watch these videos, all day everyday, mixed in with other Ching Hai material on her media channels. That is even worse. So vulnerable people in the Ching Hai group, can easily be turned into a fanatic for the cause, using the media and internet. So basic reason or logic is not going to get them out of the Ching Hai group.

Ching Hai appears on the surface as some flakey crackpot. But she is not.
She has carefully designed one of the most intense and clever multimedia persuasion systems out there today.
And she can hide behind organic Veganism. And some of the Vegans choose to support her, as they think it will help veganism, by going out and making active CONVERTS to veganism, using the Ching Hai system of indoctrination.

But its really not about veganism, if not veganism, Ching Hai would have picked something else. Like she picks Global Warming, or various other mechanisms to use on people.

In business, this is called GREENWASHING. []
Ching Hai has combined Greenwashing, with actual media Brainwashing.
Using the known Ching Hai techniques, its no wonder she can get her followers to do almost anything.
On top of this, she is preaching 2012 end of the world, using fear, and anything else she can think of.

Ching Hai is a very disturbing and dangerous sect, for those who get lured into it. They target vulnerable people, and exploit fear, terror, trauma, vanity, comedy, and every other technique in the book.

Ching Hai appears to use no original techniques, but they are all copied from other sects she's studied.
Its up to those in the vegan movement, to educate themselves about these techniques, and not be used as props and a fig-leaf for Ching Hai to run amok over people, for her own reasons.
Ching Hai is a group to watch carefully during the 2012 delusion build-up.
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hic hic .... nhận sình chứ nhận xét mất công .........

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Mấy người trong nhóm Rickross này chắc là cọng sản nằm vùng.

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true true ...
Ngọa Long
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NL dẫn chứng để đám TH còn vin vào cái cớ CS hay PG áp đặt, cấm đoán bài trừ TH ở VN. Nói chung chiêu thức chống cộng của đồng tu TH chủ yếu nhằm vào cảm tình và lôi kéo sự ủng hộ của cánh chống cộng ở hải ngoại.
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Tiếp theo............................
Quote :
Those are interesting comments, clearly by some of Ching Hai's western followers, probably those involved with the restaurants, as that is their focus.

You can see that they go to the SLAUGHTERHOUSE very quickly.
This is because through Ching Hai, they have repeatedly watched the most cruel, terrible slaughterhouse videos, over and over again. This will traumatize people, and as part of a brainwashing system, will literally make that person almost impervious to any other input. If a person watched the worst slaughterhouse videos daily, mixed in with Ching Hai propaganda of all sorts, and pictures in their mind constantly millions of innocent animals getting slaughtered, then that is going to dominate their life.

Ching Hai deliberately blindsides people with the slaughterhouse trauma videos on purpose. On YELP [] there are many comments from vegans, who were traumatized by the slaughterhouse videos that came up randomly on the TV while they were eating at Loving Hut. Some of them had to go and vomit in the Loving Hut washroom, and not eat their meal. Some of them were nauseous for days after.
THIS IS DELIBERATE from Ms Ching Hai, expert in emotional brainwashing.
She is doing this on purpose. Its a classic and powerful technique, to deeply influence people, and change their beliefs quickly, and permanently.

The Global Warming stuff, is less personal and emotional, and is just used by Ching Hai as a larger framework, that the world is ending next year, blah blah.
But those terrible videos of animals getting abused, and then killed, that is Ching Hai's emotional bread and butter.

Again, of course adults should be aware of what goes on in this world, and see those kinds of videos, at the right time and place.
But Ching Hai shows them at the wrong time and place, for MAXIMUM IMPACT on people.
If you take a sensitive animal lover, and blindside them, and show them these horrible videos over and over, as part of a brainwashing system, you can pretty much take over their life very quickly.
And then simple arguments will have no impact, as their emotional core beliefs have been shifted.
So to "save the planet" they might have to lie, deceive, manipulate...but in their mind, that is what it takes.

And you can bet, Ching Hai is directing her people to do the same to their children. The effects on children would be even worse.

Of course, Ching Hai and her main supporters would think this is all terrific, as it gets them new converts, and because it works.
But Ching Hai is not saving the planet, but her followers lose the ability to think logically.

For example, would an Environmentalist instruct her followers to leave their TV's on 24/7? [] Of course not, it anti-environment, and just brainwashing.

Would an environmentalist destroy the local environment like Ms Ching Hai, using a false name? No.
Or ship food around the world in boxes to waste even more energy? No.

So all of this is simply a TOOL for Ching Hai. If not this, she would have used something else. But the Greenwashing and brainwashing by Ching Hai is very cleverly put together.

The Loving Hut, along with "Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!" along with traumatizing animal lovers with horrendous slaughterhouse videos as part of a brainwashing system, this gives Ching Hai enormous influence.

Chances are that senior Ching Hai followers in the USA will try to get her to tone down her blatant propaganda, and turn down the "crazy" a bit in the west, as that turns people off. If so, then it gets even worse.
But even with all the Ching Hai crazy antics, people are going to get lured in, to "save the planet".

Thank goodness that VegNews [] saw through the Ching Hai scam, and did some research.
Ching Hai is just using Greenwashing to conceal her brainwashing, which is all about Ching Hai. Hopefully more people are going to be able to see this.

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Ngọa Long
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Tiếp theo............................

Quote :
At the risk of drumming up more followers for Ching Hai, to observe her technique in this area, one can search Google for:

"ching hai" slaughter

Now of course, who supports the inhumane slaughter of animals?
Ching Hai has brilliantly picked issues and tools, that basically no one can oppose, and that are extremely emotional.
When you combine that with everything else she is doing, its a potent package for her emotional and sensitive target demographic.

She then also says the meat-mafia are after her for this, so she has to stay in hiding, which is another level of conspiracy on top of all of that.

Hopefully her followers will see that they can work in society for issues they believe in, while not supporting someone like Ching Hai, who is really about Ching Hai, and using people for her own ends.

There are many other smart people and writers, who are working hard for positive change, using science, and using proper media communication.
Ngọa Long
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Tiếp theo.............................

Quote :

Ching Hai is coming at her followers from many directions at once.

As shown above, in fact she is using the Breatharian fraud quite seriously. Why?
They don't use it on new recruits to Ching Hai, on them they talk about being a Vegan and saving the planet.
But for those who get more involved, they start to push Breatharianism.
First off, as Ching Hai has cut business cross-promotion with some of them, they mention Ching Hai's fictional bio in their book, she promotes them. Cross-marketing to sell books a seminars.
But more importantly, its about the psychological power and control. If Ching Hai can use others to promote the belief that her followers should STARVE THEMSELVES for Ching Hai, then Ching Hai is frankly wielding the power of life/death. So those followers who want to believe Breatharianism, get lured into it, and spend thousands of dollars trying to learn how to do it. Then they try it, over and over. Starving themselves for days, until they have to eat, and feel like they've failed. (and damaging their bodies and internal organs).
Its an IMPOSSIBLE goal set-up by Ching Hai, to give her more control over her followers.

On top of this, Ching Hai is telling them she can teach them to be Enlightened and have superpowers, if they do her meditation 2+ hours a day. She tells them they can achieve perfect happiness.
Another impossible goal and fraud, that will lead to failure. (countless sects use that one).

Then Ching Hai tells them they need 19 trillion Ching Hai Points (or whatever) to achieve enlightenment. Another impossible goal.

Then Ching Hai forces them to make an oath to be a Vegan for life. So of course they are going to break that oath from time to time, so there is more failure and guilt.

Ching Hai tells them to watch her TV show constantly, and buy all her books, DVD's, recordings, and her so-called 'art' and other products. A true believer is going to end up spending all of their money on Ching Hai, and be bankrupt.

Then Ching Hai convinces them the world is coming to an end in 2012. More stress and pressure and paranoia.

And this is just a quick overview, Ching Hai is doing far more than that. So she has almost total control of her key followers and very high levels of control of the more general followers.
They are dedicating their lives to Ching Hai, spending all of their money, watching Ching Hai TV constantly, and some are damaging their health and risking their lives with the Breatharian scam.

Ching Hai has absolute control, and no one knows where the money goes. They don't even know where Ching Hai is hiding.
There are paranoid fears of the end of the world, persecutions, conspiracies.
Ching Hai uses deception to lure people in.
There are a lot of media reports already about abuses in the group, as well as illegal behavior.
Followers are engineered to never be good enough, and always fail, as the goals are impossible.

so in fact, Ching Hai hits every single criteria about an unsafe group.
Warning Signs []

And for those who get deeply involved in Ching Hai, the SMCH group is a destructive cult, who targets vulnerable people.
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Tiếp theo...................................

Quote :
Very true, about how people's beliefs about Ching Hai might change.
In cognitive science, belief change is achieved by many new pieces of evidence/experience, accumulated over time. Then repeated.
The same way normal life experience shapes our beliefs.

But Ching Hai knows this better than anyone. That is why she has locked peoples beliefs down, using powerful emotions, and powerful images.
She has used PTSD and trauma, with the animal slaughter videos on one hand, and the Ching Hai is Mother Earth books and videos on the other hand.

Ching Hai has systematically linked herself to GOD in her followers minds. That is reinforced everyday for 2 hours, as they chant, and their mind is getting linked back to Ching Hai.

Then the rest of the day, Ching Hai TV is on for many of them, and her books, DVD's, and the rest of it.

On top of that, she's made the followers make a lifelong oath/pact to be a Vegan, a Ching Hai Vegan, so there is another link.
And she constantly talks about the next world too, and apparently the past, so she is trying to lock peoples minds in for "eternity".

Ching Hai has layered levels of emotional belief, to lock people into her sect.

Using supreme willpower, have forced myself to watch these boring and crummy Ching Hai videos, as well as some Breatharian.
Jasmuheen is a self-conscious fraud out for money, as well as self-deluded with some type of eating-mental-disorder. It seems a person can be deluded and a scammer at the same time.

Ching Hai on the other hand. She is very street smart, she knows what is going on. And in fact, Ching Hai's understanding of english is very good, she has complete understanding of english, and appears to break the english language up intentionally, as another Ching Hai technique.
Dumb westerners always fall for those from the east, who are in some type of saffron robe, and have an accent and inverted grammar.
But its more PLAY-ACTING from Ching Hai.

Ching Hai also play-acts, how "sad" various things in life make her, and her "compassion" for this and that. Its almost funny, as in some videos, you can see how bored Ching Hai is with her own playacting, its like a bored actor in a cheap TV show at times.
But some of her followers, just eat it up. They are in a trance, anyway, and not paying attention to reality.

As far as being One with Jesus. Everyone does that these days. One could list 100 other Gurus in 2 minutes that make that claim right here, Sai Baba, MSIA, New Thought, everyone.
Actually, it would be easier to make a list of who DOESN'T claim to be Jesus II.
All they are doing, is trying to press the New Age Jesus button in people's minds, which may already exist. Why should Ching Hai reinvent the wheel, when she can just press the Jesus button too?
And of course, like Jesus she is being crucified, Judas, etc, etc.
Ching Hai knows its easy to get people to project she is One with Jesus in their minds, its something almost every Guru does.

As stated, its 100% up to Ching Hai to prove any claims she makes.
Miracles []
Of course she can dance around that easily, as she is smart. First off, no one can ever ask her a question anymore, as she controls everything.
But any Guru can dance around any of this stuff easily.

Ching Hai is very clever, and she clearly thought up the Ching Hai slogan...Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!
She understands the english slang and shorthand, and knows how to work it.

So the way to deconstruct Ching Hai, is to simply research each point she makes, and to analyze the techniques she is using on people.

But Ching Hai has that angle covered too. She can tell her people, she lies to deceive the meat-mafia satan, or whatever.
Ching Hai lies to save the planet. Isn't it better to lie and save the planet?
See, its easy.

Ching Hai is not going to change, she will peddle this for life.
But the facts coming out about her methods, can really slow down their ability to bilk naive westerners.
And the Vegans need to wake-up and see what is going on with Ching Hai, and speak out against her methods of indoctrination.
Ngọa Long
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Tiếp tục........................

Quote :

Ching Hai sounds a lot like Byron Katie in that one. []
Byron Katie and modern western Gurus, know they have to market themselves as seeming like anti-guru's, at the same time they are implying they are enlightened beings and walk-in Spirits.
They talk out of both sides of their mouth at once, its deliberate.

In the west, you can't just say I AM GOD anymore, people don't buy it. But what they do is set up their PR, to make people come to that conclusion on their own, and then try to deny it.
They will even say, I am not your leader, I am not your guru, all the while leading them and being their guru.

They are clever people, and know how to use reverse psychology to manage their followers.

So Ching Hai sets herself up in her own imagery as being a godwoman, just look at the images she uses, all photoshopped and retouched, like she is the Queen of Planet Earth, Mars, and everywhere else.

At the same time, the Ching Hai Birds book has Ching Hai dressed down in commoner clothes, old shirts, no make-up, while playing with her captive birds she keeps in her cages.

Its marketing, on one hand she wants people to feel like Ching Hai is just a regular person.
At the same time, for them to think she is a Superbeing.
Its splits the mind.

Then she can market her moldy-old meditation techniques, like all the other groups, and tell people if they practice her techniques, they can become a Superbeing too.

But in the text above you can see Ching Hai wondering why her people have such a FAIRY-TALE ILLUSION about Ching Hai.
Its because Ching Hai created, sold, and markets that illusion, and then implants the Ching Hai fairy-tale in their minds with her techniques and stories!

Ching Hai sells fairy-tale stories for a living, where Ching Hai is the star.
Ngọa Long
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Quote :
Chinese to English translation

Supreme Master Qinghai

Sender: (Mad Dog Mad Dog), the letter area: religion
Title: Ching Hai is a liar of her followers are fools
Write station: mad hospital Mad Dog Institute (Sun Oct 27 17:33:01 1996)
Relaying station: Lion! netnews.ntu! linux2.tpml! UUserv-Net! news.cis.nctu!! News
Source: @

I often went to school in the United States to study library to read Central Daily Overseas Edition
(Day eight) almost every month in the newspaper that bought Master Ching Hai
The full-page ad (Note Central Daily Overseas Edition only eight pages a day)
Advertisement to the effect that Master Ching Hai English speech to the United Nations (special emphasis on advertising
Published in English) together with full speech and said how the unprecedented grand occasion

Presentation in my personal opinion is no logical thread of
Even more suspicious is that the newspaper ads do like is a part of the body
This is misleading advertising by newspaper reports
I imagined I suspect so he called friends at the United Nations work
Asked who the hell ever heard of this number two, he said never heard of
I date on the ads again him and ask him to check whether the day of Ching Hai in the United Nations
Speech my friend said there is no record
But my friend said that there may be borrowing a lot of meeting rooms by the United Nations office
Every day to do private speech twenty times more than a dozen such small lecture topics from how to change the urine of small infants
Cloth to how to fish there

I said, not quite like it according to the ad seems to be for all Member States made ​​a formal speech
My friend said, could never have a record of this address

Later I'll see is to forget it
Think back to Taiwan and see this just hype, but the women are not bad mix
Ngọa Long
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Quote :

Many sects use that technique, to try and claim false association with an organization.
Byron Katie did the exact same thing trying to make it sound like she spoke at Harvard, when in fact she spoke at some church across the street from Harvard Yard. []

Same thing with the UN. They rent a public room for their followers to have a meeting, and try to make it sound like they addressed the UN General Assembly. Its a scam, a lie, a fraud.
Add it to the list of the Lies of ka-Ching Hai.

Same scam happens with the British parliament, sects claim to have spoken to parliament. In fact, they address some sub-sub-sub-committee, where no one is listening.
The art of the lie, to dupe too-trusting followers.

When will their dozens/hundreds of lies catch up with them?
Ngọa Long
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Mục này người ta đã quy kết Thanh Hải là kẻ buôn người... Có thể truy tố bất cứ quốc gia nào.


Quote :

Another very very important Ching Hai leak, about how Ching Hai recruits her followers. Keep those internal Ching Hai emails coming, as the public has a right to know what is really going on behind the scenes.

Here is the Ching Hai smoking gun about recruiting Lifelong Residents. []

Yes, as shown in this thread, the first step is to get her followers to commit to being a lifelong Vegan, and then that gets increased to becoming a lifelong Ching Hai follower, and then a lifelong Ching Hai Resident, if you are selected by Queen Ching Hai.
It sounds somewhat akin to the Scientology Sea Org, but more of an eastern model, where the Guru has a permanent circle of people who work for them, for no pay of course! Why pay people, when you can train them to work for free, or even pay to work?

What are the Ching Hai criteria?
- Absolute mindless total obedience to Ching Hai. (that shows its a cultish sect right there).
- Ching Hai wants people with family MONEY, as you can't have debt, so you can buy things from Ching Hai, and pay your own way. One assumes Ching Hai will run a credit-check on you before she lets you join her Lifelong Residents.
And if you don't have to work for a living, then you must have family money supporting you. So Ching Hai is looking for obedient lost puppies, with FAMILY MONEY.

- You have to already have been a follower of Ching Hai, and be willing to lie to Ching Hai, and say everything is great with your family, who you are about to abandon for Ching Hai, as you can be moved anywhere in the world.

- you have to be young, healthy, and heterosexual. As mentioned, that is Ching Hai practicing Ageism age discrimination, health discrimination, mental health discrimination, and sexual orientation discrimination against homosexuals.
Ching Hai says she got rejected herself for being a female. Now Ching Hai is getting revenge by rejecting others in the same way? That is truly disgusting ugly behavior by Ching Hai.

Of course she wants young and healthy people.
So what are they going to do? Meditate on the Ching Hai godhead for 12 hrs a day?
Not a chance. You are going to W-O-R-K, like you never worked before. It says above you are going to WORK, and be moved anywhere in the world.
Is that legal? Do they have the proper work visa's? Or will people be moved illegally around the work, using false pretenses? (take a wild guess).

And you are not going to get even a McJob pay, you are going to be charged to work, to pay your own expenses, and buy more Ching Hai products, she has thousands of products for sale.

What will you do?
Even in the Ching Hai bird book, its clear what you are going to do. You are going to work for Ching Hai 18rs a day, office work, mailing orders, taking orders, translating books, house cleaning, being assigned to work at a TV station for no pay. Cleaning up buckets of bird crap from all those caged-birds, and being an unpaid dog-walker for Ching Hai's pack of dogs, as well as cleaning up their crap as well.
Those were the folks who were carrying rocks after midnight to build the illegal Ching Hai island. So its going to be an unpaid Ching Hai workcamp.
Again, nothing new with this, many sects recruit people with FAMILY MONEY, who are vulnerable, to come and work for free, and pay to work. Its called having unpaid servants, they used to be called indentured slaves.

In many areas, having people do your company work for no pay is breaking labor laws. Or if they are paid a minimum, but work overtime for no pay, that is also illegal, and many have complained to the state, and got their proper backpay.
If they are moved from country to country, under false pretenses, that is called criminal human trafficking and migrant smuggling by the UN. []

How many complaints are being heard already about this?
How many followers have disappeared overseas when the US Feds were looking for them?

Some have said Ching Hai is a good person. That is false. She is a self-centered, selfish manipulator. She knows what she is doing, and is looking for people with family money, to come and work for her for free, and even pay to work. She is looking for young, healthy people, who have many years of hard work in them.

Are they going to be near Ching Hai? Of course not, those positions are filled. These folks will be working at locations when Ching Hai is not there.
Is it lifelong? of course not, whenever Ching Hai decides, or tires of you, they throw you out. Then the person has nothing.

Its preplanned, organized exploitation and abuse. There are many reports of these people getting screamed at from Ching Hai. A Ching Hai Lifelong Resident, sounds like being a slave for life.

If anyone else has some of the internal Ching Hai emails, please remove the personal details, and then post them into this thread, so the public can learn what is really going on.

Do all these Lifelong Residents, have the proper documentation, in each country in the world? Or are they being moved around under false pretenses? Is everything being disclosed, or not?
If people are being moved to WORK without proper papers, or bogus marriages for work purposes, that is migrant smuggling and human trafficking.

UNODC on human trafficking and migrant smuggling

Human trafficking is the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them.

Smuggling migrants involves the procurement for financial or other material benefit of illegal entry of a person into a State of which that person is not a national or resident.

Virtually every country in the world is affected by these crimes. The challenge for all countries, rich and poor, is to target the criminals who exploit desperate people and to protect and assist victims of trafficking and smuggled migrants, many of whom endure unimaginable hardships in their bid for a better life.
As the only United Nations entity focusing on the criminal justice element of these crimes, the work that UNODC does to combat human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organized Crime and its protocols on trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling.

To learn more visit What is [] human trafficking? and What is migrant smuggling? []

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Quote :

Yep, Will Tuttle used the dishonest Ching Hai amazon Bestseller method.
You get a group of followers to all buy the book at the same time. If a couple hundred people all buy the book in the same hour, for that hour it becomes a "bestseller" for that HOUR. Then it drops.

Will Tuttle has zero credibility about Ching Hai, as they are cross-marketing referral partners.
Why is that not openly disclosed by Will Tuttle?
Every time he starts running public relations for Ching Hai, if he were ethical, he would state the conflict of interest.

You can't shill for your business partners, and claim to be objective or factual. If your colleagues followers made your book a 1 hour fake bestseller on Amazon, then you owe her favors and support.
That is called bartering marketing services, even if no cash exchanged hands.
Its very unethical to NOT disclose that.

Ching Hai does that kind of cross-promo marketing with the Breatharians too, they put her bio in their books, and link to her website. She puts them on her website. Tit for tat.
You scratch mommy Ching Hai's back, she will scratch yours.
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Quote :

It asks above on the Ching Hai card, are you committed to doing WORK...and living anywhere?

If they don't have all the proper work visa's for each country, that is quite obviously not legal, and would be migrant smuggling, if people crossed borders under false pretenses, to "work".

Who pays the Ching Hai workers expenses in these countries?
If they are not paid a salary, who pays their room/board? That is a salary.

And you can't just move people into various countries, and put them to work, paid or not paid.
That would have to be put to experts, whether or not its illegal to move people around the world to do "work".

Complaints and questions could be put to the UN contact above, to start.
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Nếu am hiểu tiếng Anh sẽ thấy sự phân tích sâu sắc các thủ đoạn Thanh Hải đang sử dụng với đồng tu như thế nào.

Quote :

Whenever a Guru gets in trouble, they always always leak something about the Guru being "ill" and needing prayers. Always.
Its a transparent attempt to evoke sympathy from their followers, or to distract them.

How many of us, when we are sick or ill, ask our family, friends, and co-workers to help us in that way? No one.
A normal person does the opposite, and says they are doing ok, and tries not to dump their burdens on others. Its very selfish and self-centered to dump your troubles on other people like that.

But not Ching Hai.
She doesn't tell anyone what her alleged sickness is. Does she have a cold or cancer? She doesn't say, as that is going to make her followers WORRY for Ching Hai. She just wants to make her followers nervous and anxious, and get more attention from them.
Byron Katie has done this, over and over, even using a fake exaggerated CANCER SCARE on her followers. []

When Guru's get in serious legal or PR trouble, they always get some fake illness, to try to evoke sympathy.

As far as chanting Ching Hai's name. That was probably due to criticism that Ching Hai is creating a cult of people chanting her name.
But changing the mantra, and giving rules that conflict with eachother, that again is standard Guru stuff, to confuse people and keep them off-balance.

But as far as chanting Ching Hai's name for 2 hours, it doesn't really matter if people are saying her name, or the other Ching Hai syllables. They are thinking about Ching Hai, her picture is on her wall, and that kind of repetition is going to create mental associations to Ching Hai on a daily basis, as designed.
Ching Hai has taken bits and pieces from many sects, and customized them for herself.

There is very important information in this thread, for anyone who may be getting lured into the Ching Hai group.
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Đoạn này phân tích Thanh Hải dùng tiền mua một vùng đất rộng ở Campuchia.

Quote :
There are reports that Ching Hai was buying up large tracts of land in Cambodia. []
"Other religious leaders in Taiwan are barely polite. The secretary-general of the Taoist Association says he has information that she has bought up vast tracts of land in Cambodia.
Master Chinhsing, a Buddhist monk of Vietnamese origin who may have been Ching Hai's mentor, disapproves of her departure from the austere ways of Buddhist tradition. He has reportedly warned her never to identify herself as his former student."
Read more: []

Ching Hai would probably set up her compound in a country where she can give local officials large cash GIFTS, to get them to leave her alone.
Like Ching Hai wanted to give Clinton a stack of money, but was flabbergasted when she realized you can't give politicians large sums of money like that openly.
Its called a bribe.

But in large parts of the world, bribing officials is common.
So maybe she will buy up large tract of land to create Ching Hailand.

Or maybe its a ruse to get wealthy followers, to donate LARGE sums of money to buy up huge parcels of land. Other sects do that all the time, come up with big projects that need large amounts of land.
Collect millions in donations.
Cancel project, keep money.
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Đoạn này miêu tả những tranh web Thanh Hỉa bị đòi lại số tiền bị lừa đảo ở Phương Tây và được ém nhẹm như thế nào.

Quote :
Make sure to immediately make COPIES on your local computers of any relevant Ching Hai postings.
Copy it from the Google cache, take a screen shot, and save it in a file, with the date.

Because time and time again, when groups and sects start getting EXPOSED in these threads, their webmasters under the orders of the group, start to "disappear" parts of the website, like certain falsehoods and lies, and things that they are saying that might be illegal. (like making medical claims of healing, pyramid schemes, cultish activities, dangerous instructions, claims the Guru is God, asking for large sums of money, etc.).

So for sure, Ching Hai would not read a forum like this. She is too pathologically afraid of normal criticism. That is why Ching Hai hides from the media, she found out the media might criticize her.
(But Ching Hai certainly read VegNews, and then DIRECTED her followers to go after VegNews, you could tell by how the Ching Hai followers all acted together. You can bet there is an email with instructions from Ching Hai to go after VegNews and to promote Will Tuttle).

Note also, there basically has not been ONE Ching Hai supporter posting in this thread, even though a few hundred Ching Hai-ers are reading it. That is no accident, as the Ching Hai people have posted on every other thread that criticizes Ching Hai.
They have not posted here. Why?
Because the Ching Hai internet sales experts, can see they cannot get away with their Ching Hai bull**** on a site like this, with people who know what they are doing.
So Ching Hai's people, probably under the orders of Ching Hai, told them not to post in this thread. That is a certainty.

But Ching Hai's webmasters, and website managers who have been named in this thread from WhoIS searches, they monitor threads like this.
And when they see a Ching Hai falsehood, lie, or perhaps even a potentially illegal Ching Hai claim is EXPOSED, it will get deleted immediately, within hours. That has happened countless times on this forum with other groups.
They get BUSTED, then they try to cover it up.

The stuff about moving WORKERS from country to country without proper working papers. There are already reports of bogus Ching Hai marriages, to keep workers for the TV station. If Ching Hai WORKERS are being moved to countries, using false stories, without the proper papers. That is very very serious, and whoever is doing that would know how serious that is. So if any Ching Hai website has information about that, it will be GONE very soon.

So that's why if people have a screenshot of the webpage before they alter it, then the cover-up of the lie can be exposed.
Then that proves they know they are deceiving people, and then trying to conceal it.

Of course, websites go down from time to time, for maintenance.
But they also go down, when bogus content from Ching Hai full of falsehoods and lies, is being deleted, and covered-up.

So make copies of the Google cache in french, even if there is not time to read them all yet. They will come in handy at some point.
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Ở đây cả đội ngũ quản trị web Thanh Hải đã thuê GOOGLE xóa cache lưu trừ những thông tin không tốt Thanh Hải.

Và cả phần mềm đánh giá mức độ và tác hại của các trang web Thanh Hải (phần mềm này dựa vào đánh giá chung khách quan của người sử dụng internet).

Quote :

Excellent research.

One note, the Internet Archive wayback machine, can be DELETED by the content owner. The Ching Hai webmaster, can just tell the Internet Archive to delete certain pages, and they will do it.
So even if there is no time to read it, make copies copies copies.

It does look like Ching Hai has taken offline.
Are there false claims made on that website Ching Hai is trying to conceal?

Some pages are still in the Google cache, COPY them asap, as Ching Hai's webmaster and hired guns, can tell Google to delete the Ching Hai cache.

Why is Ching Hai apparently trying to cover-up the Ching Hai cache?

But here is a way to access some Ching Hai pages that have not been disappeared. Search Google for:


Then press CACHE. One can use other words instead of "ching".
The * operator, gives hundreds of pages, some are still there in the Google cache, and can be read and copied.

As well, entire websites can be automatically downloaded for offline browsing, for free, using software. That can be helpful when the sect is trying to do a cover-up.
Search Google for:

free download entire website

(free software with a good review)
WinWSD WebSite Downloader []

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Tên miền trang web Thanh Hải được định giá trị và đặt tại nơi nào:

Quote :

Something is up in the last few days with

The WhoIs record, shows the website was altered April 26, 2011, a few days ago.
Looks like they are using a front-company for the website?




101 Holmwood Avenue
Ottawa City, ON ON K1S 2P1

Administrative, Technical Contact:
Zon, Caya

Created on: 17-JUN-99
Expires on: 17-JUN-14
Last Updated on: 26-APR-11

Expiration Date: 2014-06-17
Creation Date: 1999-06-17
Last Update Date: 2011-04-26


This is a sitefile evaluation of the domain that was registered on Jun 17 1999.
Our system estimates that has a revenue of about $1 USD per day and is worth $453.
Our data shows that the site is hosted in Sunnyvale, US. The website is active on the IP and receives about 32 unique visitors per day.

Website Analysis
Domain Age : 11 Years
Title : Gods Direct Contact
Description : this is the repository of the supreme master ching hais spiritual teachings, featuring the quan yin method of meditation, world-wide public lectures, talks with disciples and media reporters, q&a sessions, and excerpts from the supreme master ching hai news magazine. this site also features the tal
Keywords : paintings, meditation, quan yin method, quanyin, vegetarian, initiation, enlightenment, samadhi, liberation, yoga, shabd yoga, spiritual teachings, light, sound, infinite light, himalaya, living master, wisdom, compassion, love, karma, freebie

Min. Site Value : $360
Max. Site Value : $453
Domain Value : $10
Daily Unique Visitors : 32
Daily Ad Revenue : $1
Alexa Rank : 5,482,645
DMOZ Listing : No
Hosted on :
Hosted on C class : 216.39.57
Webserver : YTS/1.17.13

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